Snack simply. Live fully.

At bare, we all agree less is more. From the ingredients in our snacks to the way we live our lives, we believe it’s the simple things that make life a little fuller.

Here are a few of our values and what they mean to us.

  • Simplicity: less is more, in snacking and beyond
  • Goodness: our snacks must taste good and be good for you, and it matters that we respect the earth and others in the process
  • Being real: we bake what nature makes without trying to ‘fix’ imperfections, and everything you need to know is on the bag
  • Living life fully: it’s the little things that bring the most joy to everyday life

Our chips are a reflection of who we are.

We’re committed to simplicity both in our products and life outside of the bag.

Here are a few things we’re pretty proud of:

Our people are at the heart of bare.

In the middle of San Francisco, you’ll find big thinking by a small team that’s dedicated to upholding the bare values through our products, operations, and company culture. While we’ve outgrown our local farmer’s market roots, we’re still committed to making simple snacks that are simply delicious.

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  • Stay connected to all things simple.

b corp certification

Our B Corp certification means we, without question, put in extra elbow grease to meet rigorous social and environmental performance standards set by B Lab, the governing organization for B Corp. Our business strives to strike the right balance between good for you and good for the planet.

commitment to non-gmo

Our commitment to Non-GMO reflects our belief that simple, unadulterated ingredients make for the absolute best products. We put our foot down every time, saying no to GMO.

operate as a carbon neutral company

We operate as a carbon neutral company because our snacks couldn’t exist without nature. By purchasing carbon offsets in partnership with Wildlife Works, we’re doing our part to keep things green.

giving back to our local community

Giving back to our local community is how we can bring our beliefs to life in real-time. As a company, we support local food and environmental organizations, and bare employees can also use their paid volunteer time to give back to what they believe in.