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Apple Products

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    Are your apple chips vegan? Gluten-free? Kosher? Non-GMO Project Verified?

    Yes, yes and yes! Read more.

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    What is the shelf life of your apple chips?

    Our apple chips stay fresh in a sealed bag for up to one year. Feel free to stock up!

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    What’s this sticker in my bag?

    We know that stickers might not be very appetizing, and we apologize for that. But rest assured, the stickers that occasionally make it into our bags are completely safe. They’re the same sticker you’d find on apples in the produce section, and therefore (by law) must be edible. Because we don’t use chemicals to wash our fruit, on a rare occasion, the sticker stays on the apple.

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    Are the apple seed particles safe?

    You may have heard that apple seeds contain a cyanide compound. It is true. But please rest easy. The trace amounts found in one seed are not enough to pose any health risk. In fact, you find apple seeds in many different forms of apple products, such as apple juice and applesauce.

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    Do your products contain added sugar?

    Some of our products, like our Fuji, Granny Smith and Cinnamon apple chips contain only the sugar that’s naturally found in apples. We do add a bit of cane sugar to our coconut chips.

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    Are your products safe for kids?

    Our apple and coconut chips are safe for kids who are eating solid foods and can handle a bit of crunch.

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    Are your products suitable for diabetics?

    Every dietary program is different for every diabetic. We recommend checking with your physician or registered dietician before eating our snacks.

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Packaging questions:

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    What kind of material makes up bare packaging?

    All of our products are packaged in airtight, foil bags. The foil material adds an extra strength and durability to lock in that satisfying taste and crunch!

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Coconut Products:

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    What is the shelf life of your coconut chips?

    Our coconut chips stay fresh in a sealed bag for up to 15 months.

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    Why is there fat in the nutrition facts?

    Coconuts are a natural source of what many call ‘good’ fat. Feel free to crunch happily (and in moderation), because you won’t find any trans fat or cholesterol in our coconut chip products.

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    Why does the Coconut Chips label say that it contains tree nuts?

    Coconut was labeled a tree nut by the FDA in October of 2006. This means that all food items with coconut must be listed as containing a tree nut on the ingredient label. However, coconuts are not considered a major food allergen like other nuts. We do recommend that any consumers with tree nut allergies consult with an allergist before consuming bare All Natural Crunchy Coconut Chips or other coconut products.

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    Where are your products produced/baked?

    Our apples are baked and packed in Washington State, close to where the apples are grown.

    Our coconut and banana chips are baked and packed in Thailand, close to where the coconuts and bananas are grown.

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    How are the apple chips baked?

    After being picked from our Washington State orchards, our apples are washed, sliced and then baked in special ovens that caramelize the natural sugars on the outside and bake in crunchy goodness on the inside.

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    How are the coconut chips baked?

    After being hand-picked in Thailand, our coconuts are cracked open and sliced into thin strips. We then add other ingredients to the coconut meat to create the different flavors (whether that’s honey or chocolate or spice!). Finally, the coconut pieces are baked in a special oven to lock in the satisfying crunch.

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Where to Buy:

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    Where can I buy bare near me?

    You can find bare in select stores at retailers nationwide. Check out our Find Us page to locate bare in a store near you today.

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    Why can’t I find bare near me?

    Our bare Sales team is hard at work trying to get bare snacks into as many stores as possible, so we don’t disappoint our amazing bare fans like yourself! Please help us out by telling your local retailers that you want to see bare in their stores. We even have a letter you can send to make it easy to request bare here.

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    Where is bare headquartered?

    bare corporate headquarters are located in the historic Presidio of San Francisco. Here’s the view

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    I want to join bare. How do I apply?

    Thanks for your interest! Read a little more about being a part of the bare team in our Careers section. You can also check out our open positions on LinkedIn.

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